Child safety online

Did you know that one in three Internet users in the world is a child? Children’s use of the Internet and mobile technology has increased significantly, mainly due to the shift from television to online viewing, the accessibility and popularity of mobile devices, and the use of technology as part of the educational system. For many children worldwide, the distinction between the online and offline world is no longer clear. 

Access to the Internet presents many opportunities for education, personal development, self-expression, and interaction with others. Yet, an increasingly complex online environment also presents risks for the safety of children online. Children are especially vulnerable to the risks of the Internet, which include inappropriate content, harmful interactions, commercial issues, and overuse.

When it comes to promoting the benefits of technology for children while at the same time fostering a safe and secure online environment, stakeholders need to strike a careful balance between the need to safeguard children, and the need to respect children’s digital rights. The sections below tackle the security aspect of children’s use of the Internet. 

Child safety online

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Ms Amrita Choudhury

Director, CCAOI

Ms Amrita Choudhury is Director of CCAOI; President of Internet Society India, Delhi Chapter; and Asia Pacific Lead of SIG Women. She is an active member and contributor at national, regional, and global Internet governance (IG) platforms.