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How African knowledge and wisdom can inspire the development and governance of AI | WSIS+20
Indonesia plans to integrate 27,000 existing government apps
Chinese national arrested in Singapore for cyber attacks, fraud, and child exploitation
EU watchdog sets AI guidelines for banks
Survey reveals limited usage of AI tools among general population
EU court backs Google, Amazon, and Airbnb in dispute over Italian regulation
Meta discovers ‘likely AI-generated’ content praising Israel
Google to invest $2 billion in Malaysia data centre
OpenAI partners with The Atlantic and Vox Media

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The intellectual property saga: approaches for balancing AI advancements and IP protection | Part 3

In continuing the three-part series on AI’s influence on intellectual property (IP), this final part will touch upon the approaches being applied to safeguard IP in the AI Age.

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TikTok, a threat or a victim of complicated cyber-diplomatic relationships?

The TikTok legal saga highlights the complex interplay between technology, law, and geopolitics. As digital sovereignty and data privacy become increasingly important, the outcome of TikTok’s legal battles will have significant implications for the global tech industry.

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Tech titans clash: Inside the US-China battle for chip market dominance

The ongoing ‘tech war’ between the US and China is reshaping global relationships and supply chains. In this analysis, we’ll dive deeper into the high-stakes competition for dominance in chip manufacturing, and uncover the strategies and implications driving this geopolitical showdown.

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Digital dominance in the 2024 elections

Digital technologies, particularly AI, have been integral to all stages of the electoral process for several years now. What distinguishes the current landscape is their unprecedented scale and impact.

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Issue #89 - May 2024

In this issue of the Digital Watch Monthly, we analyse how China and the USA boxing it out over tech, look at strategies for balancing AI advancements and IP protection, reflect upon the dominance of digital technologies and AI in 2024 elections worldwide, and examine the significance of the NetMundial0+ Multistakeholder Statement as a blueprint for inclusive digital governance.

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DW Weekly #161 – 24 May 2024

DW Weekly #161 | The Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers adopted the Convention on AI and human rights while the European Council gave final approval to the EU AI Act. The second global AI summit was held in Seoul. The EU and South Korea are investing in chips.


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The process towards a Global Digital Compact

How will the Global Digital Compact be developed and what will it focus on?

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