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Canada Launches Voluntary AI Code Of Conduct
France pioneers stringent digital regulation and Cloud oversight beyond EU norms
Russian court upholds $12.1 Million fine against Apple in market dominance case
European Commission identifies four technologies to de-risk relations with China
AIC warns Sri Lanka’s Online Safety Bill threatens freedom of expression
Australian referendum campaign heats up as Yes campaigners fight misinformation
Australian digital ID bill faces more challenges in its open consultation phase
Microsoft CEO Nadella raises concerns over tech giants’ content battles
Chinese firm Hollysys weighs $1.55 Billion takeover offer amidst growing interest

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Key takeaways from the sixth UN session on cybercrime treaty negotiations

The 6th Session of the Ad Hoc Committee on Cybercrime finished its work, and one final round of inter-state negotiations left. Is there a treaty text yet, and are states close to a final agreement?

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5G Transformation: The power of good policy

From South Korea’s spectrum leadership to the EU’s harmonisation and Africa’s context-specific solutions, each of these approaches underscores the link between policies and 5G’s potential. These efforts are indispensable to foster optimal policies for future development.

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AI and copyright: USA, UK eyeing new rules

In our September issue #82 of the Digital Watch Monthly we look at how the arrival of generative AI models has wreaked havoc on copyright rules. We discuss the Brussels effect and the impact of the two new sets of rules. We also ask what will it take for robotaxis to earn or lose the public’s trust.

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DW Weekly #130 – 2 October 2023

It’s back to AI regulation today – from a US executive order in sight to new AI voluntary rules and industry pleas for regulation. In other news, net neutrality is making a comeback in the USA, with the communications commission’s proposal to restore the 2015 rules that were repealed in 2017. Amazon has been sued for antitrust violations in the USA, but managed to obtain a temporary suspension of the EU’s Digital Services Act obligations (we’ll report on this once the court delivers its judgement).


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The process towards a Global Digital Compact

How will the Global Digital Compact be developed and what will it focus on?

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