IFCLA Conference 2016

9 Jun 2016 - 10 Jun 2016

London, England

The International Federation of Computer Law Associations (IFCLA) Conference 2016 will be hosted by the Society for Computers and Law (SCL) on 9-10 June 2016 at the Institution of Engineering and Technology in London.

IT law is global. IT lawyers, almost uniquely, have to master local law and yet look beyond their borders. Whether your focus is on outsourcing, the Internet, apps, cryptocurrencies, data protection, Big Data, the IoT, gaming or any of the myriad other fields affected by IT law, compliance in one jurisdiction gives no security – you have to think globally.

IFCLA 2016 offers an opportunity for IT lawyers to broaden their outlook and make it truly global. With an emphasis on an interactive event, participants at IFCLA 2016 will both adding to and drawing from the experience. 

IFCLA 2016 also offers an opportunity to network with like-minded peers, whether that is meeting up with old friends or making new contacts. IFCLA 2016 will encourage attendance from more junior lawyers as well as the old hands; for more junior lawyers the appeal of expanding their skills and horizons and creating a reputation in other countries must be almost irresistible.

Contact the 2016 IFCLA Conference administration office by e-mail or on +44 (0)117 904 1242.

Visit the conference website for more details.