1 Mar 2024 10:30h - 3 Mar 2024 13:00h


The 3rd Antalya Diplomacy Forum, where regional, global and thematic issues will be discussed, will be held in Antalya on 1-3 March 2024, under the title of “Advancing Diplomacy in Times of Turmoil”. Antalya Diplomacy Forum (ADF) is a high-level dialogue platform bringing together prominent figures in the field of diplomacy. The ADF constitutes a (See more)

2 Mar 2024 - 7 Mar 2024


ICANN79 – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Community Forum is scheduled to take place from 2 March to 7 March 2024, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It marks the first ICANN Public Meeting of the year and represents the North American region within ICANN’s series of global gatherings. These public meetings serve (See more)

4 Mar 2024 - 8 Mar 2024

UN OEWG 2021-2025 7th substantive session

The Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) will hold its seventh substantive session on 4-8 March 2024 in New York, the USA. The Chair of the Open-Ended Working Group on the security of and in the use of information and communications technologies (OEWG) circulated a set of preliminary guiding questions to assist delegations in their preparations for the OEWG’s seventh (See more)

4 Mar 2024 - 8 Mar 2024

2024 GGE on lethal autonomous weapons systems | First session

The Group of Governmental Experts on emerging technologies in the area of lethal autonomous weapons systems (GGE on LAWS) will host its first 2024 meeting from 4 to 8 March. As established by the 2023 Meeting of the High Contracting Parties to the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons, the GGE is to ‘further consider and formulate, by (See more)

7 Mar 2024 18:15h - 19:45h

Geneva Dialogue side event during UN OEWG 7th substantive session

The Geneva Dialogue side event, focused on discussing the Role of non-state stakeholders in the implementation of agreed cyber norms, will be held on 7 March during the UN Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) seventh substantive session in New York. The event is ... (See more)

11 Mar 2024 - 14 Mar 2024

10th Meeting of Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAI)

The 10th meeting of the Council of Europe Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAI) is scheduled to be held on 11 – 14 March 2024 in Strasbourg, France. The 10th and the last meeting of CAI is significant as it is expected to progress the Draft Framework Convention and make final changes before the convention is adopted. (See more)

11 Mar 2024 - 14 Mar 2024

The Future Networked Car Symposium 2024

The Future Networked Car Symposium 2024 (FNC-2024), organised by ITU and UNECE, will be held virtually on 11-14 March 2024. The theme of the event is ‘achieving connected, automated and safe mobility’. The FNC – 2024 gathers leading stakeholders to discuss the latest advances in vehicle connectivity, automated mobility and the role of Artificial Intelligence in ​the transport (See more)

13 Mar 2024 - 14 Feb 2024

Training the Machines: Bytes, Rights and the Copyright Conundrum

The training will discuss intellectual property rights of AI development. It is open for AI and software developers, artists and other communities. The event will take place on March 13-14, 2024, in a hybrid format.

16 Mar 2024 - 22 Mar 2024

Internet Engineering Task Force meeting (IETF 119)

The Internet Engineering Task Force meeting (IETF 119) is scheduled to take place on March 16-22, 2024. in Brisbane, Australia and online.  The IETF is an internet standards body that develops open standards through open processes. As a large open international community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers, the IETF is concerned with the (See more)

28 Mar 2024

Universal Acceptance Day

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is launching the second annual Universal Acceptance (UA) Day, aiming to encourage the global Internet community to adopt UA. The flagship UA Day event will take place in Belgrade, Serbia, on 28 March, in collaboration with the Serbian National Internet Domain Registry Foundation (RNIDS) and the (See more)