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China unveils comprehensive cybersecurity plan amid growing tensions with the US
Amazon, Microsoft, and Nvidia invest in humanoid robot startup
US Supreme Court to hear Texas and Florida social media law cases
Central government will publish internet shutdown orders in Jammu and Kashmir without details
LockBit ransomware gang resurfaces after law enforcement disruption
IT clients taking cautious approach to costly AI technology, says Infosys executive
US college admissions embrace change with digital SAT
Tyler Perry halts $800 Million studio expansion due to AI concerns
China’s top prosecutor warns cybercriminals are exploiting blockchain and metaverse projects

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The perfect cryptostorm

We watched the new Netflix documentary ‘Bitconned’ on cryptocurrency industry fraud. Read what were the ingredients to create such a perfect storm for victims. Unfortunately, that storm took a high toll, in both trust to the industry and financial losses.

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The intellectual property saga: AI’s impact on trade secrets and trademarks | Part 2

The second section of the three-part series on AI's influence on intellectual property delves into the ramifications for trade secrets and trademarks within the legal frameworks of the EU and the US.

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The intellectual property saga: The age of AI-generated content | Part 1

Patent authorities globally are grappling with the challenge of redefining their approach to handling inventions generated not by human ingenuity but by AI. It has sparked considerable debate within the intellectual property community. This analysis initiates a three-part series that delves into the influence of AI on intellectual property rights.

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Issue 85, December 2023

In our December issue of the Digital Watch Monthly, we describe the four seasons of AI, summarise the EU lawmakers' negotiations on the AI Act, examine what Q* and Gemini mean for AGI, and delve into the delicate balance between combating online hate and preserving freedom of speech.

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DW Weekly #148 – 23 February 2024

DoJ appoints its first Chief AI Officer. Japan joined the global AI regulatory efforts. OpenAI introduced Sora for text-to-video. Neuralink's human implant showed promise. The EU strengthened online safety with the Digital Services Act (DSA) and investigated TikTok. Tech giants united against misleading AI content during elections. The EU Commission proposed a €500 million fine for Apple. International collaboration disrupted LockBit ransomware, and the European Commission announced new digital infrastructure initiatives.


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The process towards a Global Digital Compact

How will the Global Digital Compact be developed and what will it focus on?

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