20 Jan 2022

European Parliament adopts the draft Digital Services Act

The draft of the Digital Services Act (DSA) has passed the plenary vote in the European Parliament (EP), with important changes introduced through last-minute amendments.  The amendments adopted by the EP included, among others: prohibition of advertising targeting minors, prohibition of the use of highly sensitive personal data (such as racial or ethnic origin, political (See more)

20 Jan 2022

Twitter loses online moderation case in France

Six anti-discrimination advocacy groups have won against Twitter International (Ireland) in case of online content moderation of hate speech in France. The appellate decision of the Paris court confirmed the ruling of the lower court ordered Twitter to share ‘details on the number, nationality, location and spoken language of the people it employs to moderate (See more)

19 Jan 2022

UK Scientists advice against removing misleading content from social media

An investigation by the Royal Society, the independent scientific academy of the UK, concluded that removing false claims and harmful accounts from social media has little effect to combat disinformation. In fact, it could potentially backfire, driving disinformation to “harder-to-address corners of the internet and exacerbate feelings of distrust in authorities”. Frank Kelly, mathematics professor (See more)

19 Jan 2022

French MPs support new draft law to protect children online

French MPs have voted in support of a draft law that proposes to protect children from online violence and sexual content. The law proposes to ensure manufacturers the right to pre install  and activate parental control systems in devices sold in France. The bill  has been unanimously approved in the lower house and been sent (See more)

14 Jan 2022

Spain to create supervisory agency for AI

Spain is reportedly planning to establish a supervisory agency for artificial intelligence (AI), for which the government has approved a specific budget line. The intention is to create the agency in 2022 and have it fully operational in 2023. The new body – the first of its kind in the EU, if established – would (See more)

13 Jan 2022

The US Department of Commerce seeks IoT experts for an advisory board

The US Department of Commerce seeks experts for the IoT advisory board to advise the IoT Federal Working Group. The advisory board will include various stakeholders outside the federal government with expertise relating to IoT. The board will advise the federal working group in identifying: (1) federal regulations, programs, or policies that may inhibit or (See more)

13 Jan 2022

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority launches a nanosatellite to improve electricity and water networks

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), in collaboration with NanoAvionics launched a nanosatellite to enhance the operations, maintenance, and planning of its internet, electricity, and water networks.

13 Jan 2022

Why IoT Sensors Need Standards

Standards for IOT are rising in relevance. They also cover two other areas of digital policy: health and labour rights. IEEE has many relevant standards in this field. Click here to view original web page at spectrum.ieee.org

13 Jan 2022

Internet watchdog: Child sexual abuse grew exponentially last year

Internet watchdog Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) has reported that child sexual abuse grew radically during the lockdown last year. The latest IWF figures indicate that self generated imagery showing 7 to 10 year olds increased three-fold”. A 21% increase  from 2020 in number of URLs containing child sexual image (out of  361,000 reports investigated in (See more)