30 November 2020
11:00–12:00 CET
(10:00–11:00 UTC)


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What is the Geneva Digital Atlas?

The Geneva Digital Atlas is a comprehensive mapping of the digital policy and Internet governance scene in International Geneva. The Atlas provides an in-depth coverage of the activities of almost 40 actors, including the analysis of policy processes and cataloguing of core instruments and featured events.

Map of International Geneva actors

The Geneva Digital Atlas builds on 20 years of research, training, and policy-shaping work by DiploFoundation and the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP), including:

  • 2000Establishment of the first comprehensive taxonomy of Internet governance and digital policy
  • 2003Publishing of An Introduction to Internet Governance, the first reference work on Internet governance policy, now in its seventh edition and available online in 10 languages
  • 2012: The study of the Geneva Internet Initiative (GII) (commissioned by EDA); the Study outlined the basic mapping of Internet governance actors and processes in Geneva, it made recommendations, and set the methodology for covering Internet governance in International Geneva
  • 2014: The Geneva Internet Conference  which addressed critical issues, gaps, and future developments in Internet governance and digital politics; the Conference set in the motion the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP)
  • June 2020The conference Navigating Geneva Digital Landscape which revisited the Geneva digital governance scene
  • November 2020: The Launch of the Geneva Digital Atlas



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The Geneva Digital Atlas features digital governance tours combining virtual and physical experiences in dealing with standardisation, data, cybersecurity, and other pressing issues of our times.

Standardisation tour: Mapping of Internet governance and digital policy 

Standardisation Tour - Geneva Digital Atlas from Jovan Kurbalija on Vimeo.



Our taxonomy 

The digital policy issues and processes included in the Atlas are analysed according to the Geneva Internet Platform's Digital Watch observatory features over 40 digital policy areas, classified under 7 broad clusters (baskets).

This taxonomy was first developed in 1997 by Dr Jovan Kurbalija, and then introduced in the book An Introduction to Internet Governance, now in its 7th edition. It was later adopted in DiploFoundation's Internet governance courses.

The taxonomy is under regular development to account for emerging trends and new developments in this vibrant process.

IG building

The information included in the Geneva Digital Atlas is updated as of November 2020. To add further resources regarding your organisation, update the existing information, or to include additional digital actors please send us an e-mail at geneva@diplomacy.edu




11:00–11:15 Welcome remarks

  • Ms Tereza Horejsova, Project Development Director, Geneva Internet Platform (GIP)
  • Ms Nathalie Fontanet, State Councillor in charge of the Department of Finance and Human Resources, Republic and Canton of Geneva
  • Ms Tatiana Valovaya, Director General of the UN Office in Geneva
  • Mr Jurg Lauber, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the UN and other international organisations in Geneva 

11:15–11:25 Geneva Digital Atlas: Approach and methodology

  • Mr Jovan Kurbalija, Head, GIP

11:25–11:35 Geneva Digital Atlas: Tool and publication

  • Mr Marco Lotti, Project Manager, GIP

11:35–11:50 Interactive discussion

11:50–12:00 Future Atlas editions and closing remarks

  • Mr Jovan Kurbalija, Head, GIP
  • Ms Tereza Horejsova, Project Development Director, GIP