Symposium ‘Cyberbullying: Technology, Responsibility, and Community Safeguards’

12 May 2021


On 12 May, Eisenberg & Baum, LLP (AI Fairness & Data Privacy) will be hosting an online Symposium on 'Cyberbullying: Technology, Responsibility, and Community Safeguards' at 7 pm EDT.
In this Symposium, the key topics include detection, mitigation, and understanding of the online/social media platforms where cyberbullying manifests. The information shared will be valuable to parents, educators, counselors, policy advocates, and the tech community. The symposium will be in a moderated Q&A format and participants are encouraged to interact.The conversation will delve into the role of students, parents, and educators to seek effective measures to fight against cyberbullying. We will also examine the role of the tech sector, including the current state of technological solutions and AI-powered techniques that are being used for content moderation. Registration is free, but mandatory and further information can be found on the event webpage.