Trends in Internet governance and digital policy

The rise of autonomous cars

The rise of autonomous cars

Vehicles with a certain level of autonomy are now a reality. Read more about the state of technology, and the multiple policy implications of self-driving cars.

The right to be forgotten

The right to be forgotten is an emerging legal concept still very much debated at the global level. We look at how it is interpreted and implemented around the world.

Cambridge Analytica

The Cambridge Analytica case raised Facebook users' concerns over the use of their personal data by the network and third parties. Read more about the case.

Artificial intelligence

The field of artificial intelligence has seen significant advances over the past few years. We look at the policy implications, applications, and developments.


The industry is proposing new norms to protect cyberspace. Follow the developments on Microsoft's proposed Digital Geneva Convention, and Google's proposed legal framework for digital security.

Fake news

Fake news is one of the latest issues that has raised concern among intermediaries, governments, and end users. We explore its impact on digital policy, and how stakeholders are tackling the issue.


UNGA 74th session

The impact of digital technologies on sustainable development and cybersecurity were among the main issues raised by world leaders during the annual debate to mark the start of the 74th session.

Mapping Uber

The sharing economy is experiencing rapid expansion and a rise in legal issues. View our interactive database of Uber-related court cases and other rulings.


See also past trends

WannaCry: The ransomware cyber attack explained

In May 2017, the ransomware WannaCry infected millions of devices across almost 100 countries, including Russia and the USA. We explain all you need to know about the attack.

US elections and digital policy

In the lead-up to the election, we tracked the US candidates' position on various Internet governance issues, which will remain a reference point for forecasts and predictions.

Pokemon Go: Digital policy in the age of augmented reality

The dynamics of augmented related go beyond the actual game. We explore the phenomenon of AR and the wider impact on Internet governance issues and overall digital developments.



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