Digital Watch experts

Editor, GIP Digital Watch observatory; Director Digital Poli…
Expert on: Taxation
Director, CCAOI
Researcher, PhD Candidate in Law, Université Libre de Bruxel…
Postdoctoral Fellow at Northwestern University (USA) and Res…
Business Process Data Analyst, Teleius Systems
Freelance Consultant
Digital Policy Programmes Assistant, DiploFoundation
Senior Lecturer, Researcher, and Project Manager at DiploFou…
Expert on: Online education
Project Development Director, DiploFoundation
Project Officer, DiploFoundation
Multimedia Coordinator, DiploFoundation
Head of Information Department, Agricultural Bank of Senegal
Expert on: Multilingualism
Project Manager, DiploFoundation
Digital Policy Senior Researcher, DiploFoundation
Community manager, European Blockchain HUB (EUBC HUB), Ljubl…
Head of Data Protection
PhD candidate in Ethics and Technology
Associate at the Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet)
Project Manager, Digital Africa Hub
Expert on: Access
Internet Governance and E-diplomacy Programmes, DiploFoundat…
PhD candidate in Political Science at University of Pompeu F…
Cybersecurity and E-diplomacy Programmes Director, DiploFoun…
Director, Institute for Research on Internet & Society
Expert on: Data governance
Technical Advisor to the Brazilian Internet Steering Committ…
Digital Media Editor
PhD candidate, St Petersburg State University
Expert on: Network security
Independent consultant
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