Dr Efrat Daskal

Dr Efrat Daskal completed her PhD in Media Policy at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her thesis focused on media accountability and citizens’ power. It analysed how public complaints construct media accountability processes within media organisations.

Mr Andre Edwards

Mr Andre Edwards is a Business Process Data Analyst in the Office of the CIO at Teleios Systems with over 19 years of ICT experience working on commercial solutions with Caribbean mobile network operators leveraging cloud technologies and non-profit ICT projects.

Ms Noha Fathy

Ms Noha Fathy is an independent Internet governance consultant. Her professional and educational backgrounds are orientated towards development areas with a special focus on human development, governance, and public policies.

Dr Tereza Horejsova

Originally from the Czech Republic, Dr Tereza Horejsova is currently based in Washington DC. Joining Diplo in 2012, Tereza has had an international career in academia and the non-governmental sector in the Czech Republic, the United Arab Emirates, and Switzerland.

Mr Arvin Kamberi

An expert in remote participation, Mr Arvin Kamberi heads up Diplo’s Webinar Team. Based in Belgrade, he has been working on webinars and other web-based remote participation since 2011.

Dr Jovan Kurbalija

Dr Jovan Kurbalija is the Executive Director of DiploFoundation and Head of the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP).

Mr Mamadou LO

Mr Mamadou Lo produces a weekly and annual web review to promote Internet governance and disseminate best practices throughout Africa and in the global francophone community.

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Ms Aida Mahmutović

Ms Aida Mahmutović is currently involved with the EUBC HUB as a Community manager for over 18 HUBS in Europe and Asia. She has been involved with Internet governance since 2011, while working for Centre for eGovernance Development (CeGD).

Ms Dragana Markovski

Ms Dragana Markovski is based in Belgrade where she focuses on course development and coordination. Prior to joining Diplo in 2011, Dragana worked in translating/interpreting, office and PR management, international trade and logistics, and education.

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Ms Jana Mišić

Ms Jana Mišić is a Marie-Curie PhD candidate in Ethics and Technology. Her research focuses on the governance and policy impact of digital technology on societal and ethical norms and values.

Ms Grace Mutung'u

Ms Grace Mutung’u researches ICT policy in Kenya and Africa, specialising in digital rights, governance, and development. She is an associate at the Kenya ICT Action Network where she carries out ICT policy research and advocacy.

Mr Jacob Odame-Baiden

Mr Jacob Odame-Baiden is a solicitor and barrister of the Supreme Court of Ghana. He has vast experience in technology project management and ICT for Development and has worked in technology consulting and telecommunication sectors in Ghana and other African countries.

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Mr Vladimir Radunović

Serbian-born Mr Vladimir (Vlada) Radunović is a lecturer in cybersecurity policy, Internet governance, and e-diplomacy on postgraduate and professional courses. He also serves as an expert with the Geneva Internet Platform.

Ms Mili Semlani

Ms Mili Semlani has spent four years exploring and reporting in and on the Southeast Asian region as a writer and digital media consultant.

Ms Ilona Stadnik

Ms Ilona Stadnik is a PhD candidate at the School of International Relations, St Petersburg State University, Russia and is currently aa Fulbright Visiting Researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, working with the Internet Governance Project (2018/2019).

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Mr Pedro Vilela Resende Gonçalves

Mr Pedro Vilela Resende Gonçalves is founding director of the Institute for Research on Internet & Society. Pedro holds an LLB from the Federal University of Minas Gerais and collaborates on data protection at the Alexandre Atheniense Law Firm.

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