Guidelines for industry on online child protection

Manuals and Handbooks

Author: International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

The goal of the Guidelines for Industry on Child Online Protection is to lay the groundwork for kids of today and future generations to use Internet-based services and related technologies in a safer and more secure manner. ITU, UNICEF, and the COP partners have established and revised the Guidelines for the wide spectrum of businesses that develop, provide, or use telecommunications or associated activities in the delivery of their products and services in response to significant advancements in technology and convergence.

These principles serve as a set of tools that should enable businesses of all sizes and stakeholder groups to create and maintain an appealing and sustainable business model while acknowledging their moral and legal obligations to society and to children.

The guidelines emphasise excellent practise among industry stakeholders that can be taken into account in the process of creating, implementing, and administering business COP policies since they are focused on protecting children in all sectors and against all threats of the digital world. They offer industry actors advice on how to manage and contain illegal online activities as well as on other concerns that may not always be classified as crimes.