Classifying and responding to online risk to children: Good practice guide

Manuals and Handbooks

Author: Better Internet for Kids

The new guideline, titled ‘Classifying and responding to online risk to children: Good practice guide’, was published by Better Internet for Kids in February 2023. This guide focuses on the nature and prevalence of specific online risks that children face across Europe. The guide provides practical tips for anyone looking to help children who are exposed to online risks via explanatory case studies. The guide is notable for highlighting the hands-on expertise of practitioners who respond to child online risk and safety issues via the Safer Internet Centre’s Insafe Helpline assessment platform.

The guide provides:

  • An overview of the types and prevalence of online dangers that children in Europe confront, organised into the four categories of content, contact, conduct, and contract concerns.
  • An in-depth examination of four case study risks.
  • Each case study is accompanied by a definition of the chosen dangers, data on prevalence and important problems, hotline case cases, and links for more reading on the subject.