Internet Governance Forum 2019



Estrel Congress Center, Berlin, Germany
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What's in store for IGF 2019? The five-day meeting, themed One World. One Net. One Vision, includes a large number of workshops, open forums, dynamic coalition meetings, outputs of intersessional activities, and other events that will give participants the opportunity to engage in open discussions on multiple Internet governance and digital policy issues. National and regional IGF initiatives (NRIs) will share experiences and discuss about their specificities, challenges, and plans for the future. Several main sessions will also be part of the programme; the main themes this year are data governance; digital inclusion; and safety, security, stability and resilience. For more information, read about the IGF process on our dedicated page and visit the official IGF 2019 website.

Daily briefs and Final Report

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Tuesday, 26 Nov
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Artificial intelligence was a major theme at this year’s Internet Governance Forum. In the light of the fast technological developments, how will AI affect humanity? We asked a few experts in Berlin; here's what Jovan Kurbalija, DiploFoundation Executive Director and Head of the Geneva Internet Platform thinks.

At the IGF 2019 we asked Eun Chang Choi, Board Member - The Korea Internet Governance Alliance (KIGA), how he thinks AI will affect humanity.

How does Desiree Miloshevic, Senior Advisor - Afilias, think AI will affect humanity?

We asked Markus Kummer, Geneva Internet Platform Senior Digital Policy Fellows, how he thinks AI will affect us.

Where should the IGF head? We asked Markus Kummer, Independent Consultant and Geneva Internet Platform Senior Fellow.

Towards the end of the IGF 2019, Vladimir Radunović (DiploFoundation's Cybersecurity and E-diplomacy Programmes Director) gave an overview of cybersecurity related discussions

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