Intellectual property rights

You have the legal right to protect the creations of your intellect, such as inventions, artistic and literary works, designs and symbols, and names and images used in commerce. The rights you have over these creations are intellectual property rights, which are protected by law through patents, copyright, and trademarks, for example. These protections allow you as a creator and an inventor to be recognised and financially benefit from your creations.

Knowledge and ideas are key resources in the global economy. The protection of knowledge and ideas, through Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), has become one of the predominant issues in the Internet governance debate.


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Ms Pavlina Ittelson

Project Officer, DiploFoundation

Ms Pavlina Ittelson is Program Officer at Diplo US. She also monitors the topics of jurisdiction and alternative dispute resolution for the GIP Digital Watch Observatory. Previously, Pavlina was a legal project manager on international business, science, and technology.