Cloud Collections: Legal, scientific, technical aspects of digitisation of art

12 Mar 2015 - 13 Mar 2015


[Update] Cloud collections: legal, scientific, and technical aspects of the digitisation of art: read the report, prepared by Diplo's team

In the digital age, art and its reproductions are experienced on a virtual mode. Museums present their collections online, visitors 'post' their pictures, art lovers draw on image databanks. Artists, curators and collectors have long since invested in the Web as a communication and exchange platform, while research and teaching rely ever more on the access to digitised artworks and sources.

Airing art on the Internet raises essential legal, methodological and technical questions: of concern are intellectual property and copyright, experiencing the original artwork and the digital duplicate, as well as linking, using and commercialising databases. Born of the Cloud, these wide-reaching issues will be discussed at Cloud Collections, the international conference that will bring together scholars in the fields of jurisprudence, art history and museums, as well as experts from the art market and the digitisation of art.

The event is being co-organised by the Centre du droit de l’art (CDA) within the University of Geneva, and the Swiss Institute for Art Research. The conference will take place at the Uni Mail, University of Geneva, and the Musée d'ethnographie de Genève.

Download the event programme. More information is available on the event webpage.