OEWG agrees on modalities of stakeholder participation

The OEWG reached agreement to apply modalities for the participation of stakeholders as proposed by the Chair on 20 April, through a silent procedure. NGOs both with and without ECOSOC status should inform the OEWG Secretariat of their interest to participate. However, states can object to the participation of NGOs without consultative status with ECOSOC. The approved NGOs will be invited to participate as observers in the formal sessions, make oral statements during a dedicated stakeholder session, and submit written inputs to be posted on the OEWG’s website. The modalities will be read out at the OEWG’s third substantive session for the formal record.

2010 UN GGE – Report of the group of governmental experts on developments in the field of information and telecommunications in the context of international security (A/70/174) (res. A/65/201)

Report of the UN GGE 2009/2010, which includes recommendations for:

  • Further dialogue among States to reduce the risk and protect critical national and international infrastructure

  • Confidence-building, stability and risk reduction measures

  • Information exchanges on national legislation and strategies, and capacity-building measures

  • The elaboration of common terms and definitions related to information security

  • Capacity-building in less developed countries