To say there is no freedom of expression in India is propaganda

While launching the News18 TV channel on the 75th anniversary of India’s independence, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha of Jammu and Kashmir said ‘There are 392 news channels in the country, which is more than even the United States of America which has close to 100 channels. This speaks volume of the freedom of the media and true nature of democracy in India, but we must all also remember that when the Constitution of India was being prepared, all Indians were given the right of freedom of expression under 19 (1), but 19 (2) also put in some restrictions which I believe are not just restrictions, but duties’. He further noted that ‘There is a need to mind the fine line between freedom of expression, and the expression that hurts the nation. The Constitution clearly mentions the Rights of every individual, but it also mentions our duties. The problem arises when people only talk about their rights and forget their duties’, said Manoj.