The IMF is in favor of regulating the cryptoassets but also leaving the mechanism for ban if needed

At the outskirts of the G20 summit in India, the International Monetary Fund Managing Director, Ms Kristalina Georgieva answered the questions from media around the cryptoassets and digital currencies. In her words, the IMF is very much in favor of regulating the world of crypto and digital money. The IMF, alongside the Bank for International Settlements and the G20s Financial Stability Board (FSB) believes this is a top-priority in the forthcoming period.

She pointed out the difference between legal tenders (national currencies) which are backed by countries that issue them, and the ‘publicly issued cryptoassets and stablecoins calling them ‘just a speculative asset’. If such assets start to pose a threat to the consumers and/or financial  stability for countries we should have a mechanism to ban crytpoassets altogether. We have requests from our members not to rule out the mechanism for the total ban. If there are strong consumer protection laws set in place, we will not need a ban. The ban of cryptocurrencies is indeed a tool of last resort, she added in her interview.