Negotiations on the GDC

Intergovernmental negotiations on the Global Digital Compact are to be held between the end of 2023 and the second quarter of 2024.

Thematic Deep-Dive: Internet governance

Guiding questions are listed below. For participation, register here.

  • Over the last twenty years the share of world’s population connected to the internet has more than
    quadrupled. New internet-based tools – from the smartphone to social media – have emerged and
    we are moving into an Internet of Things. How can we continue to ensure the unfragmented safe,
    global, secure, and inclusive internet?
  • The 2005 Tunis Agenda endorsed a multi-stakeholder approach to the governance of the internet. How have we succeeded in realizing vision? How do the roles and functions of various multi-stakeholder forums such as ICANN, IETF and the IGF come together to support internet governance? And how can they be strengthened?
  • How can governments, technical standard bodies, civil society, industry and all stakeholders work
    together for an open, indivisible, free, interoperable, global, secure, inclusive Internet?