India and Finland have agreed to enhance cooperation in digital partnership in Future ICT, including quantum computing

Indian Minister for Education and Skill Development, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, held a meeting with the Finnish Minister of Education, Science and Culture Mr. Petri Honkonen, in New Delhi. The meeting aimed at reinforcing and further strengthening the cooperation between the two countries in the area of Future ICT.

Both sides have initiated cooperation on quantum technologies and are working on a detailed plan to establish the Indo-Finnish Virtual Network Centre on Quantum Computing. The ambition is to develop 20 qubits superconducting based Quantum Computer in 1st phase and further scale it up to 54 qubits in the second phase.

The US Air Force is quantum-proofing its networks

The US Air Force has contracted the quantum company SandboxAQ to analyse its existing encryption capabilities and to protect Air Force data networks against quantum attacks of the future. The company will implement an end-to-end, crypto-agile framework to protect Air Force and Space Force data networks from quantum attacks.

Dell builds technology for quantum computers to interface with conventional systems

Dell is creating the building blocks to incorporate quantum computers into conventional IT infrastructures as it opens data centres to new types of accelerated computers.

Together with IonQ quantum technology, the solution integrates quantum computing into existing classical computational infrastructure. Fully integrated Qiskit Dell Runtime and IonQ Aria software allow quantum workloads to run with on-premises or cloud-based quantum acceleration.

The hybrid classical-quantum computing model includes an adjusted hierarchy with conventional servers acting as hosts and managers of attached quantum computers, which compute differently.