Belarusian hackers launch an attack on Belarusian railways

A group of Belorussian hackers claimed to have attacked the Belarusian railways on 27 February, according to a Google translation of the message posted on their Telegram channel. The hackers, who call themselves ‘Cyber partisans’ aimed to ‘slow down the transfer of occupying forces and give the Ukrainians more time to repel the attack’. They claimed that their hack ‘paralysed’ certain railway operations in Minsk and in Orsha. 

The group wrote: ‘The internal network will be disconnected until the Russian troops leave the territory of Belarus and the participation of the Belarusian military forces in the fascist aggression ceases.’

Anonymous hacks the Russian defence ministry and targets Russian companies

Anonymous took responsibility for hacking and releasing the database of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation’s website, Ukrayinska, Pravda reported. The hacker group also claimed credit for the release of around 200GB of emails from the Belarusian arms manufacturer Tetraedr. As posted on Twitter, they claim that attacks are aimed at the Russian government, not the Russian people.