ICANN 77 Policy Forum

ICANN 77 Policy Forum will take place on 12-15 June 2023 in Washington, D.C, USA.

The Policy Forum is the second meeting in the three-meeting annual cycle. The focus of this meeting is the policy development work of the Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees and regional outreach activities. ICANN aims to ensure an inclusive dialogue that provides equal opportunities for all to engage on important policy matters.

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The Swiss Internet Governance Forum 2023

The Swiss IGF serves as a national extension of the United Nations IGF, a global initiative that establishes internet governance principles.

Since 2015, Switzerland has hosted its own IGF, operating independently and conducting annual events. The Swiss IGF is overseen by a dedicated steering group composed of volunteers from politics, business, science, and civil society, with the support of the Federal Office of Communications.

Notably, it adopts a multistakeholder approach, ensuring equal participation and collaborative problem-solving on digitalization challenges and regulatory matters. Given Switzerland’s multilingual environment, the Swiss IGF accommodates German, French, and English languages, reflecting its nationwide reach and inclusivity.

The main topics of discussion on this year’s agenda are:

  • Use and regulation of artificial intelligence, especially in the context of education;
  • Protection of fundamental rights in the digital age;
  • Trustworthy management of data;
  • Use and power of platforms;
  • New ways of exercising democracy and protecting it;
  • Responsible use of new technologies;
  • Internet governance and the impact of digitization on geopolitics.

For more information about the forum, please visit the dedicated web page.

ITU-T SG5 Meeting

The next meeting of ITU-T Study Group 5, ‘EMF, Environment, Climate Action, Sustainable Digitalization, and Circular Economy’ (SG5), will take place from 13 to 23 June 2023 in Sophia Antipolis, France. It will be held jointly with the ETSI’s Technical Committee of Environmental Engineering (ETSI/TC EE).

SG5 is responsible for developing international standards related to electromagnetic fields (EMF), the environment, climate action, sustainable digitalization, and the circular economy. Its work focuses on promoting the use of ICT for climate change adaptation and mitigation actions, adopting e-waste management systems, and facilitating the recovery and reuse of ICT equipment. The group collaborates with other standards bodies and relevant stakeholders to ensure its standards align with existing frameworks.

The Learning Ideas Conference 2023

The 16th annual Learning Ideas Conference (TLIC) will be held in a hybrid format from 14 until 16 June 2023 in New York, the USA. Learning Ideas Conference is hosted by the Institute for Learning Technologies (ILT), Teachers College, Columbia University, and sponsored by Kaleidoscope Learning and the International E-Learning Association (IELA).

The conference gathers researchers and practitioners from around the world, welcoming anyone interested in the uses of technology to improve education and workplace learning. It aims to facilitate collaboration among experts from various backgrounds, in academic and professional areas, including education, computer science, cognitive science, game design, user experience design, VR/AR/XR, management, the arts and humanities, and more.

The complete conference program will be published in April. For other information, please visit the dedicated web page.

Cybersec Forum 2023

European cybersecurity forum (CYBERSEC forum/expo) organised by the Kosciuszko Institute will be held on 15-16 June in Katowice, Poland.

CYBERSEC is an annual public policy conference dedicated to the strategic challenges of cybersecurity. The conference’s mandate is to build on mutual trust and translate challenges into new opportunities for a better future.

The 2023 edition of the CYBEREC Forum, with its central theme – Partnership for cyber resilience- will among other focus on the following topics:

  • The impact of the war in Ukraine on cybersecurity;
  • Increased need for clear and effective public-private partnerships on cybersecurity;
  • The growing threat of e-crime to businesses and end users;
  • Investment in digitisation projects in the Three Seas region;
  • Cyber-resilience of critical infrastructure in times of war;
  • European Cybersecurity Certification Framework – NIS 2 Directive, Cybersecurity Act, Cyber Resilience Act.

For additional information, visit the event website.

Digital Assembly 2023: A Digital, Open and Secure Europe

The Digital Assembly 2023 is set to take place in Arlanda, Sweden, on 15-16 June 2023. Organised by the European Commission and the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, this assembly aims to create a platform for stakeholders to discuss and explore how Europe can fully leverage its potential in the Digital Decade. The theme of the assembly is ‘A Digital, Open and Secure Europe.’

The conference provides a venue for leaders and experts from the public sector, academia, industry, and civil society to come together and engage in discussions about the future of European digital development.

The conference program includes five plenary sessions, six breakout sessions, and three side events. The plenaries will feature esteemed speakers from the digital sector, policymakers, and academia, with the opening remarks delivered by Erik Slottner, Swedish Minister for Public Administration, and Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Internal Market.

The plenary sessions will focus on the following topics:

  1. Delivering the Digital Decade, including multi-country projects under European Digital Infrastructure Consortia (EDICs);
  2. A thriving single market for data;
  3. Progress in quantum technologies;
  4. Framing and scaling the European cyber and ICT sectors for competitiveness on a global scale;
  5. A secure European identity – the EU digital identity wallet;

The breakout sessions will include discussions on cyber resilience, global digital connectivity, the Digital Europe Programme, digitalisation of the public sector, General Purpose AI, and supporting companies in their digital transition.

For more information about the event, please visit the dedicated web page.

Digital Law Summer School Online

Digital Law Summer School, organised by the University of Geneva, will be held online from 19 to 30 June 2023

The Digital Law Summer School covers a wide range of topics, including cybersecurity, AI, big data, privacy, free speech, and more. Participants can gain hands-on experience through a Digital law clinic and discuss cutting-edge issues with academics, practitioners, and representatives of global policymakers and leading institutions. The summer school attracts talented participants from diverse backgrounds and countries, and offers the opportunity to build a global network of friends and experts in Digital law and policy. The event has been held annually since 2014, and has welcomed participants from many countries around the world.

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Geneva Summer Schools

The University of Geneva and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) are jointly organizing a two-week summer school on intellectual property (IP) from 19-30 June 2023.

The summer school is open to about 80 senior students and young professionals from any field of study or discipline. It provides an opportunity for participants to deepen their knowledge of intellectual property (IP), understand its role in economic, social, cultural, and technological development, and learn about the global administration of IP by WIPO. The program covers various areas of IP through an interactive approach and features lectures by IP experts from WIPO, the University of Geneva, and other institutions. The summer school usually takes place in person at WIPO Headquarters and the University of Geneva Law School.

For more information, please visit the dedicated web page.