Geneva Dialogue on Responsible Behaviour in Cyberspace

Launched in spring 2018, the Geneva Dialogue on Responsible Behaviour in Cyberspace aims to map the roles and responsibilities of actors in contributing to greater security and stability in cyberspace in the context of international peace and security.

It strives to identify good practices and possible gaps in existing efforts; and put forward recommendations for overcoming such gaps. The dialogue aims to provide a platform in Geneva through which different stakeholders can engage in discussions on responsible behaviour in cyberspace.

In 2021, the dialogue will focus on the roles of the business in securing their digital products and the overall supply chain. It will endeavour to:

  • develop common policy baseline requirements for boosting the security of digital products, and look into approaches for broad implementation of the agreed baseline requirements;
  • enhance the feedback loop between corporate efforts and cybersecurity processes that develop norms, regulations, policies and standards, and support businesses to follow and contribute to those processes at international and regional levels.

The Geneva Dialogue will unfold in two tracks in 2021. Track 1 will tackle discussing baseline requirements for security of digital products, while Track 2 will tackle connecting corporate practices with global policy processes.

The dialogue is currently led by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), and implemented by DiploFoundation.