UNIDIR 2020 Cyber Stability Conference: Exploring The Future Of Institutional Dialogue

28 Sep 2020

Geneva, Switzerland & Online

ICT-related incidents involving States both before and during the Covid-19 pandemic have added to the urgency of calls to establish an institutional dialogue within the United Nations and strengthen dialogue at regional and sub-regional levels. At the same time, however, the global backdrop to these calls has grown difficult: a shifting international security and a normative environment in which dialogue between States, the major powers, in particular, is stalling; growing discontent with - or disregard for - multilateralism, with actors, frameworks and interconnections more complex and divides – digital or otherwise - between States more evident. 

The conference will feature five different panels focusing on the future of institutional dialogue relevant to ICTs and international security. For more information about the event and to register please visit the dedicated website.