Over 10 sessions at the WSIS Forum explicitly dealt with capacity development

17 Jun 2017

With one of the WSIS Action Lines dedicated to capacity development, over 10 sessions at the WSIS Forum had it as its main focus. Sessions 241 and 295 shed light on the approach DiploFoundation, ICANN, the ITU, APC and others are taking in making capacity development impactful. High-level session 6 linked capacity development to e-learning. E-agriculture was the focus of session 391 while session 312 covered gender aspects and ICTs for empowerment. None of the sessions explicitly covered the issue of funding resources for capacity developments programmes, with the exception of session 291 in which a speaker called for more responsibility from the private sector. En route to the IGF, a dedicated session 315 provided a bridge between the WSIS Forum, the SDGs and the upcoming IGF.

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Capacity development is often defined as the improvement of knowledge, skills and institutions to make effective use of resources and opportunities. Widespread on the agenda of international development agencies, capacity development programs range from societal to individual level and include a diversity of strategies, from fundraising to targeted training.


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