US Congress to hold hearing on net neutrality

The Energy and Commerce Committee in the US Congress’s House of Representative announced that it would hold a hearing on net neutrality, on 7 September. The hearing, titled ‘Ground rules for the Internet ecosystem’, is to bring together leading Internet companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet, and Netflix, as well as major Internet service providers such as Comcast, Verizon, and At&T, whose CEOs have already been invited to attend. Speaking about the hearing, Committee’s Chairman Greg Walden noted that ‘A strong consensus is forming across party lines and across industries that it’s time for Congress to call a halt on the back-and-forth and set clear net neutrality ground rules for the internet. […] With almost everyone in agreement about fundamental principles to prevent anti-competitive behavior such as throttling and blocking, I think we are closer than ever to achieving a lasting resolution. The time has come to get everyone to the table and get this figured out.’