Making the digital workplace more accessible and equitable

A blog posted earlier in the month by Slack, maker of the ever-popular eponymous corporate communicative tool, touted a new software update promising to make the app more accessible—and therefore more inclusive—to persons with disabilities globally.

‘Every day, thousands of people with disabilities use their keyboards, screen readers and other assistive technologies to move work forward in their digital [headquarters]. That’s why we’re continuously working to improve accessibility in Slack, empowering our users to do the best work of their lives regardless of their abilities or circumstances’, the company wrote in the blog. ‘Today, guided by user research and customer feedback, we’re sharing new enhancements to make working in Slack even easier, more intuitive, and efficient for all our users, including those with disabilities’.

The announcement highlights three key areas: keyboard navigation, screen readers, and a big-picture concept the company refers to as ,an ongoing effort to bridge gaps.

Slack said the update will be rolled out as of August 15.