Indonesia: national digital IDs to be improved and serviced by TOTM Technologies

TOTM Technologies, the Indonesian MOHA, and the Directorate of Population and Civil Registration have joined forces to maintain and secure one of the world’s largest National ID databases.

Black man holding phone with fingerprint scanning app

Singapore-based biometrics management company TOTM Technologies has, through its subsidiary PT International Biometrics Indonesia (InterBio), agreed with the Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs to support their digital ID systems. The three agreed-upon contracts will provide Annual Technical Support (ATS) for Indonesia’s National ID system maintenance and implement an advanced Automated Biometrics Identification System (ABIS). The contracts are valued at around $5.1 million (RM23.9 million).

In May, the World Bank granted a loan of $250 million to the nation to foster the expanded adoption of digital identification and cultivate confidence in the digital economy. The objective was to trigger a fundamental transformation in how individuals throughout the 17,000-island archipelago access essential services, narrowing the digital gap between urban and rural areas while substantially elevating opportunities in the business sector.

As part of the financial backing received, the ID for Inclusive Service Delivery and Digital Transformation Project will be implemented. This initiative aims to bolster Indonesia’s current population and civil registration systems, particularly expanding coverage in twelve key provinces and among vulnerable nationwide demographics.

Why does it matter?

Indonesia has an additional consideration to tackle that not many other countries do: its population. As one of the most populous countries that has also been facing a deterioration of digital rights, having secure digital IDs is essential to keep leading ASEAN in digital-related policy. Expanding on digital access and security was also discussed when they recently hosted the 29th ATRC meeting.