SafeNet’s report reveals alarming challenges in digital rights in Indonesia

According to SafeNet’s report, Indonesia’s digital rights situation is deteriorating due to issues with internet access, freedom of expression, and security.


The network for digital rights defenders, Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SafeNet), reveals in a report that Indonesia’s digital rights are affected by three aspects: the right to internet access, freedom of expression, and security. SAFEnet’s State of Digital Rights report reveals 36 significant problems with internet access in 2022, with Papua the worst-hit region. The study highlights the need for improved digital rights in Indonesia.

According to SafeNet, the number of criminalization cases will triple in 2022, which means a decrease in digital rights and the right to freedom of expression. The rise of cyber-attacks and leaks of personal data, and gender-based online abusehave led to the deterioration of digital rights.

Ferdi Putra, Combine Program Manager, highlights digital rights issues such as the unequal distribution of internet access in many regions and attacks on activists in Yogyakarta and Central Java and,n this regard, mentions the example of the hacking of social media and WhatsApp accounts by residents of Wadas, Purworejo, who protested against rock mining and thus threatened online data privacy.