Dutch female journalists often face online abuse

Online abuse of female journalists is widespread in the Netherlands, with 82% reporting intimidation, aggression, or threats on a regular basis and 11% reporting threats more frequently.

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According to a recent poll by the Dutch journalist safety platform PersVeilig, online abuse of female journalists is far more common in the Netherlands than one might think in a country renowned for its press freedom.

In a September 2022 online poll of nearly 300 female journalists working in the Netherlands, 82% reported having encountered intimidation, aggression, or threats in some way. Almost a third of those surveyed reported experiencing gender-based threats online on a regular basis, and at least 11% reported threats occurring more frequently. Publishing someone’s personal information online with the intent to intimidate is known as ‘doxing,’ and the Dutch Ministry of Justice recently revealed plans to implement legislation making it unlawful over the course of 2023.