Channel Islands quietly drops Brexit entry requirements by accepting French ID cards

Channel Islands have decided to waive Brexit entry requirements for French visitors by accepting French ID cards, as part of a pilot program. This move aims to boost tourism to the islands, which have seen a decline in visitors since Brexit.

UK has given permission to Jersey to run a pilot program to allow French day trippers to visit the island using just the French national ID rather than the full passport required for entry into the common travel area, which includes UK and Ireland. The Channel Islands, located on the French coast, have seen a reduction in the number of tourists post-Brexit. The common travel area (CTA ) covers the EU member Ireland, former the EU member the UK and the Crown Dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, whose citizens hold variants of the UK passports. There is now full freedom of movement within the common travel area (CTA ) after an agreement and memorandum of understanding were signed between UK and Ireland.