Pokémon Go: Digital policy in the age of augmented reality

Millions of people are searching for Pokémon worldwide. While Pokémon Go is a fun activity for many people, there are important social, economic, and political dynamics to discover that go beyond the actual game. This page analyses the rising phenomenon of augmented reality and the wider impacts of Pokémon Go on Internet governance issues and overall digital developments.

Pokémon Go and digital policy | Exploring the issues: Infrastructure & standardisation; Security; Human rights; Legal; Economic; Development; Sociocultural | Map of countries

[Update] On 15 September 2016, the Geneva Internet Platform organised a webinar discussion on Pokémon Politics: Digital Policy in the Age of Augmented Reality; the following resources are now available: the recording, the presentation, and the webinar digest. Join us for more discussions and digital policy round-ups every last Tuesday of the month. Learn more.