Digital Watch newsletter - Issue 25 - October 2017

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Digital policy trends in October
IG Barometer for October
Geneva digital developments
GDPR: Integrating human rights into business practices
WTO Ministerial: Towards a compromise on E-commerce
5 Steps to Help You Get Ready for the IGF

Issue no. 25 of the Geneva Digital Watch newsletter, published on 31 October 2017, by the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) and DiploFoundation. Contributors: Stephanie Borg Psaila, Guilherme Cooper Vicente, Jovan Kurbalija, Virginia Paque, Marilia Maciel, Adriana Minović, Roxana Radu, Vladimir Radunović, Barbara Rosen Jacobson, Sorina Teleanu | Design by Viktor Mijatović, layout by Aleksandar Nedeljkov, Diplo’s CreativeLab


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