1 Dec 2022 15:00h - 15:30h

DNS abuse: Where are we and where do we want to be?

The critical infrastructure that facilitates the Domain Name System (DNS) is still resilient, but under bigger and bigger attacks. ...(See more)

1 Dec 2022 14:20h - 15:20h

Protecting shared computation (cloud security)

Cloud has moved from buzz to reality. It is used in all sectors of the society and government. It is particularly useful for growing businesses around the world, whi...(See more)

1 Dec 2022 14:20h - 15:20h

Protection of personal data in e-government projects

The workshop focused on the introduction and promotion of e-government projects, and the abilities of governments to protect data.  ...(See more)

1 Dec 2022 14:00h - 15:30h

Main session: Connecting all people and safeguarding human rights

Connectivity has brought many benefits to society, mainly in education, health, and work. Providing higher connectivity is vital to realising human rights, such as access to information and knowled...(See more)

1 Dec 2022 13:50h - 15:20h

Assurance and certification of emerging digital technologies

The session discussed the challenges that arise while performing the assurance or certification of emerging digital technologies.  ...(See more)

1 Dec 2022 13:50h - 15:20h

Toward a resilient internet: Cyber diplomacy 2.0

Coming soon...(See more)

1 Dec 2022 13:45h - 14:45h

Capacity building for safe & secure cyberspace: making it real

Cyber capacity building is now a priority in the international cooperation agenda. Through cyber diplomacy efforts, the international community supports countries an...(See more)

1 Dec 2022 12:35h - 14:05h

Skills of tomorrow: youth on the cybersecurity job market

This session looked at the current situation in the job market for cybersecurity graduates and whether the current education system has prepared youth with the skill...(See more)