Digital Watch newsletter - Issue 40 - May 2019

The top digital policy trends in May

Digital policy developments in May

Policy discussions in Geneva

In focus

The Huawei controversy: Crossing the rubicon?

AI and robotics: A solution to an ageing world?

GDPR: One year on

Issue 40 of the Digital Watch newsletter, published on 7 June 2019, by the Geneva Internet Platform and DiploFoundation | Contributors: Cedric Amon, Stephanie Borg Psaila (editor), Andrijana Gavrilović, Marco Lotti, Clement Perarnaud, Natasa Perucica, Vladimir Radunović, and Sorina Teleanu  | Design: Aleksandar Nedeljkov, Viktor Mijatović, and Mina Mudrić, Diplo’s CreativeLab

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