Youth cyber safety ambassadors initiative launched in Sharjah, UAE

The Child Safety Department (CSD) of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, Sharjah has launched the ‘Cyber Safety Ambassadors’ initiative that aims to train children and youth of Sharjah on cyber safety and best practices online, so that they in turn can train their peers on  Internet safety. This initiative was launched in collaboration with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), Ministry of Community Development (MOCD), Khalifa Empowerment Programme – Aqdar, Sharjah Police Headquarters, and other federal and local entities.

At the launch of the  programme, Hanadi Saleh Al Yafei, director of CSD, mentioned ‘The initiative promotes Sharjah’s stature as a child-friendly city and its launch coincides with Emirati Children’s Day, which reaffirms our commitment to ensuring that all children in the UAE enjoy a safe and stable life, and that their rights are protected, in line with the UAE’s and Sharjah’s visions’.