X’s compliance with Indian election commission orders sparks disagreement

Social media platform X complied with directives from India’s election commission to withhold political posts, but expressed disagreement with the orders and called for transparency in future takedown requests.

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Social media platform X recently announced it had withheld specific posts in India featuring political content from elected officials, political parties, and candidates, following directives from the country’s election commission.

Despite complying, X expressed disagreement with these orders and urged the commission to make all takedown requests public in the future. This development comes as India prepares for its massive electoral process, involving nearly a billion eligible voters, set to commence on Friday.

Why does it matter? 

In anticipation of India’s 2024 elections, tech giants like Google and X are tackling misinformation and boosting voter education. Elon Musk’s X notably introduced Community Notes for fact-checking. Yet, recent clashes with government orders, exemplified by a spat with Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes, underscore tensions between Musk’s free speech advocacy and social media’s detrimental influence on democratic processes.