Vietnam proposes mobile phone verification for cross-border social media platforms

Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications (MOIC) is taking a significant step to enhance online accountability. The latest draft decree suggests a mandatory mobile phone verification process for both domestic and foreign social media platforms operating across borders.

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The Ministry of Information and Communications (MOIC) in Vietnam is proposing a new draft decree that would mandate both domestic and foreign social media platforms to verify users’ mobile phone numbers during registration. The main goal is to effectively manage these platforms, curb online scams, and foster a sense of responsibility among users. The draft also prioritizes user protection, outlining requirements for content distribution methods, user complaint resolution, child safety measures, and search functionality. Accounts and channels that seriously violate national security may be temporarily or permanently shut down.

Upon approval, individuals will be obligated to provide precise personal information prior to participating in activities such as posting updates, leaving comments, livestreaming, and sharing content.

Livestream services will only be permitted for licensed platforms, and specialized livestream activities must adhere to relevant laws. Additionally, the draft emphasizes immediate removal of unlawful content upon MOIC’s request under the 2018 Law on Cyber Security.