US record labels sue Suno and Uncharted Labs for copyright infringement

The case reflects broader concerns from various content creators regarding AI’s impact on copyright.

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Major US record labels are suing AI music startups Suno and Uncharted Labs, accusing them of mass copyright infringement. The lawsuits, filed in federal courts in Massachusetts and New York, represent content creators’ efforts to challenge the use of copyrighted works in the training and operation of generative AI systems, arguing that it does not constitute ‘fair use.’

The plaintiffs, including Sony Music Entertainment, UMG, and Warner Records, seek a declaration of copyright infringement, an injunction to prevent further violations and monetary damages. Mitch Glazier, CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America, emphasised the industry’s willingness to collaborate with responsible AI developers but stressed the need for cooperation to succeed.

Suno’s CEO, Mikey Shulman, defended the technology, claiming it generates new outputs without memorising or replicating existing content and stating that prompts referencing specific artists are not allowed.

The lawsuit adds to the growing number of legal challenges from various content creators against generative AI systems, which argue that both the training and output of these systems violate copyright laws. The outcome of these cases could set significant legal precedents for AI and copyright.