UNGA adopts Russian proposal on cybersecurity

5 Dec 2018

119 countries voted in favor of the new resolution A/RES/73/27 at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) that establishes an open-ended working group, acting on the basis of consensus, for the further development of norms and principles of responsible state behavior in cyberspace and ways of their implementation. The group will examine existing and potential threats and possible measures to address them and come up with the final report on the 75th session of the UNGA. The first organisational meeting is scheduled for June 2019.
Notably, the American proposal A/C.1/73/L.37 was suspended in the fifth UN committee on budget issues, because there is a significant burden on the budget to conduct the meetings of the proposed group of governmental experts. In case of approval, the voting on the draft resolution will be held later.

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Cyber-attacks can have a background in international relations, or bring about the consequences that can escalate to a political and diplomatic level. An increasing number of states appear to be developing their own cyber-tools for the defense, offence and intelligence related to cyberconflict.

The use of cyber-weapons by states - and, more generally, the behavior of states in cyberspace in relation to maintaining international peace and security - is moving to the top of the international agenda.


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