UN Special Rapporteur calls for suspension of Bangladeshi Digital Security Act amid human rights concerns

Olivier De Schutter expressed his displeasure with the Digital Security Act (DSA) and proposed that it be suspended.

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Following his 12-day tour in Bangladesh, Olivier De Schutter, the UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, addressed the media during a press briefing on 29 May. De Schutter recommended the suspension of the Bangladeshi Digital Security Act (DSA) until significant improvements are made, as numerous individuals have been detained under the act merely for exercising their fundamental human rights of freedom of expression and opinion.

Highlighting the alarming statistics, De Schutter revealed that more than 2,400 people have faced prosecution since the implementation of the DSA. He stressed that it is unacceptable for human rights defenders to live in fear, as this not only jeopardises investments but also hinders the realisation of economic and social rights.

During his visit to various cities in Bangladesh, the special rapporteur engaged with diverse groups of people, gathering valuable insights. He will present his findings to the UN in September as part of his comprehensive report.