UK’s Online Safety Bill threatens future of Wikipedia as regulatory concerns mount

The government is urged to address the issue of excessive regulations, but Minister Lord Parkinson assures that the bill’s requirements will be proportional and adaptable.

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Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopedia, is at risk of shutting down in the UK as a result of onerous regulations proposed in the new Online Safety Bill. The bill, aimed at combating illegal and harmful content on the internet, has raised concerns among public interest organisations regarding their ability to comply with the stringent legal requirements.

There are fears of age-gating, but Wikipedia has rejected this approach. Peers suggest exempting low-risk sites providing public good or offering public information, posing minimal harm, and having limited user functions. 

The government has been urged to address the problem of excessive regulations. Minister Lord Parkinson claims the bill’s requirements will be proportionate and flexible, but the impact on Wikipedia remains uncertain.