Twitter is adding crowdsourced fact checks to images

The new feature called Twitter Notes will allows users to add context and explanations to content.

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Twitter has announced the expansion of its crowdsourced fact-checking program, aimed at combating the spread of misinformation on its platform. The initiative seeks to leverage the collective knowledge of Twitter users to flag and address potentially misleading content.

The new feature, called ‘Twitter Notes’, allows users to contribute additional context, explanations, or corrections to tweets containing misinformation. These notes will be displayed alongside the original tweet, giving users additional information to make more informed judgments. Contributors will also be able to add information related to an image, specifying if they are adding context to the tweet itself or the image featured in it. Twitter is further working on expanding it to videos and posts with multiple images.

The platform will employ a combination of algorithms and human moderators to review and validate the accuracy of the crowd-contributed notes. This approach aims to strike a balance between user participation and maintaining the integrity of the fact-checking process.