Twitter CEO supports temporary cap on the amount of tweets users can read in one day

However, this move raises questions about the platform’s advertising potential, as well as the authority of the new CEO.

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Linda Yaccarino, who has been Twitter CEO for about one month, has come out in support of Elon Musk’s temporary cap on the number of posts different users can read per day. Citing the discouragement of excessive levels of data scraping and system manipulation as the cause for this measure, the company has had its advertising potential questioned by marketing professionals and users alike.

After Musk made his announcement, several users on Twitter shared screenshots indicating that they were unable to view any tweets, even those from corporate advertisers, once they reached their limit. The restriction went into effect shortly after Twitter added the requirement that users connect to their accounts to view tweets.

This move could also potentially undermine Yaccarino’s attempts to attract advertisers, although she has claimed that advertising has remained stable since the announcement on 1 July.

The CEO wrote in a tweet: ‘When you have a mission like Twitter — you need to make big moves to keep strengthening the platform. This work is meaningful and on-going.’ This was her first comment since the ‘extreme measures’ were announced by Musk and updated by a blog post on Twitter’s Rate limits.

Instagram and Facebook parent company Meta also recently unveiled their plans to launch a conversation app to compete with Twitter called Threads. The text-based app will be released in the coming days and appears to be a direct challenge to the turbulence surrounding Musk’s takeover of Twitter.