South Korea to revolutione public services through AI

With a substantial 11 billion won investment, South Korea is revolutionizing public services and agriculture through AI. Platforms like Wello offer personalized government services, while new guidelines empower agencies. These initiatives position South Korea as a global leader in AI-driven governance and sectoral advancement.

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South Korea is prioritising the integration of advanced AI technologies into various aspects of public services, with a substantial increase in investment planned, totalling 11 billion won by 2024. This financial commitment underscores South Korea’s determination to harness cutting-edge technologies to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in governance.

In conjunction with this investment, South Korea is actively pioneering initiatives to implement personalized government services through cutting-edge platforms like Wello. These platforms can analyze citizen data and preferences by harnessing AI-driven analytics to offer tailored recommendations, notifications, and services. This personalized approach not only enhances citizen satisfaction but also ensures that government services are aligned with individual citizens’ specific needs and preferences. Furthermore, a pilot service launched in partnership with KB Pay caters to approximately 2.5 million young users, delivering tailored policy recommendations and notifications tailored to individual needs and circumstances.

Moreover, the distribution of the ‘Guidelines on the Introduction and Use of Super-Sized AI in the Public Sector’ represents a pivotal step in enhancing AI competencies within the public sector. These guidelines will offer detailed instructions and best practices for adopting and utilizing super-sized AI, providing comprehensive support for government agencies embarking on AI integration efforts.

In addition, efforts to comprehensively manage agricultural research data are also underway. The government is integrating data platforms established by the Rural Development Administration with the ‘DPG Hub,’ facilitating tailored services for the agricultural sector. Additionally, the creation of a ‘Data Mart’ will enhance public access to agricultural data, fostering innovation and growth.