Senegalese online food company sees sales double due to epidemic

Amid the COVID-19 isolation, extended curfew, and limited public transportation services in Senegal, many started looking for groceries online in Dakar, and in response, Club Kossam is offering online milk products, vegetables, fruit, and meat. The company managed to provide groceries to 1300 households in Dakar per week, with monthly sales doubling since the start of the epidemic, while the core business of its parent company La Laiterie du Berger (LDB), and local suppliers, have been adversely affected ever since. In April 2020, Club Kossam recruited 25 employees to handle the spike of demand, and achieved USD$103 000 compared with a monthly average of USD$30 million before the epidemic. According to a UN trade and development report, Club Kossam is one of 60 businesses in Senegal’s nascent e-commerce sector which showcases the endeavors of the trade ministry to respond to the outbreak through advancing e-commerce reforms.