Senator Ras Adiba calls for an inclusive financial system for PwDs

Senator Datuk Ras Adiba Radzi has called for regulations to be introduced for a more inclusive financial system that would include Persons with Disabilities (PwD) and allow them to perform banking transactions. Adiba Radzi, said in a statement that shifting to online and mobile channels could help to improve financial accessibility for PwDs for example by removing the need to visit a physical location.

‘Most banking industries do not provide sufficient digital accessibility to PwDs and fail to meet the standards of Web Content Accessibility. I urge the government to introduce and implement Inclusive Financial Policy: Web Content Accessibility to tackle issues that occur among the PwD community’, she said ‘this includes building infrastructure and banking services that are disabled-friendly for customers with physical, mental, sensory, intellectual, and multiple disabilities’.

‘Disability issues are a cross-cutting issue that needs to be handled in a comprehensive and multi-sectoral manner. It takes a strong commitment from various parties to realise financial inclusion in Malaysia. To improve, we need to be willing and able to measure ourselves and see where we are falling short. Many organisations are working to improve diversity and inclusion in many sectors. We need the Finance Ministry’s help to solve the myriad challenges facing us today and tomorrow’, she said.