Raising awareness about digital gender-based violence while schools reopen in Thailand

As schools reopen, the Ministry of Education in Taipei, Taiwan, launched a campaign to help prevent digital gender-based violence (GBV), the media reports. Clear guidelines have been issues for what is forbidden and what are the steps in case this kind of violence happens. ‘Don’t: violate people’s will, heed requests for personal photographs, send messages without thinking, forward private messages, make fun of people. To respond in case of digital gender violence, Do: tell a teacher or a parent, take screenshots for evidence, call the police, report the other party.’ The Paper Windmill Theater Troupe performed several scenarios showing examples of digital gender violence. ‘While gender violence exists in real life and online, it spreads faster online’, said Theresa Yeh, Gender Equality Education Committee and chair of the Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation member.