Presidency of the Council of the EU issues conclusions on AI and human rights

The presidency of the Council of the EU has issued a set of Conclusions on the charter of fundamental rights in the context of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital change. The document – which was supported or not objected to by 26 EU member states delegations – highlights that the design, development, deployment, and use of AI must fully respect fundamental rights and existing legal rules. In addition, EU member states express support for the European Commission’s proposal to develop proportionate and evidence-based requirements for the human oversight and transparency of AI systems. They also call on the EU and national governments to assess whether existing EU and national legal rules are adequate to take advantage of the opportunities and address potential risks that the use of AI systems may create, and to develop them further where necessary. Moreover, the EU and its member states are called to foster digital sovereignty, while also actively participating in the global debate on the use of AI and continuing to shape the international framework in accordance with EU common principles and values.