Philippine Maritime Authority hit by system breach

The Philippine Maritime Authority encountered a security breach affecting four of its systems, prompting immediate response measures.

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The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) in Philippines, a government agency responsible for integrating the development, promotion, and regulation of the maritime industry in the country, acknowledged on Monday that its online platforms encountered a security breach during the weekend. The breach impacted four of MARINA’s systems, prompting an immediate response from the agency to ensure the security of its data.

Upon detecting the attack, MARINA swiftly deployed personnel to its central office in Manila’s Port Area on Sunday. The agency highlighted its quick actions in implementing protective measures. Presently, MARINA’s IT team is working in conjunction with the Department of Information and Communications Technology-Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (DICT-CICC) to probe the breach and mitigate potential risks to sensitive information.

While MARINA did not disclose the specific systems affected or the extent of the breach, these systems handle crucial data such as vessel registrations, seafarers’ information documents, and record books. As the regulatory body overseeing maritime activities, MARINA aims to have its systems fully operational by Tuesday to resume normal processing of applications.

This security incident adds to a string of cyberattacks targeting Philippine government entities. In May, the Philippine National Police (PNP) halted its online services following breaches that impacted its Logistics Data Information Management System and the Firearms and Explosives Office. Furthermore, in October 2023, a ransomware attack compromised the data of over 13 million members of the Philippine Health Insurance Corp.