OpenAI seeks further Microsoft funding to propel Superintelligence research and advance AI models

OpenAI is seeking more funding from Microsoft for groundbreaking research in achieving “superintelligence.” With a previous commitment of up to $10 billion, the collaboration focuses on AI supercomputing and cutting-edge AI models.

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OpenAI is actively seeking additional financial support from Microsoft to advance its research endeavours in achieving ‘superintelligence.‘ CEO Sam Altman conveyed his contentment with the existing partnership with Microsoft and expressed the intention to secure further funding to develop more sophisticated AI models. The primary objective is centred around exploring artificial general intelligence (AGI) creation while ensuring its safety. While recognising the transformative potential of superintelligence, OpenAI is also mindful of associated risks, including human disempowerment or extinction. Altman alluded to the ongoing development of the next iteration of ChatGPT, although no specific release date was provided. Preceding the development of GPTs, OpenAI had been involved in crafting autonomous agents for tasks such as payments and emails. Altman envisions enhancing their capabilities as well, underscoring the potential for significant business value.

Why does this matter?

Microsoft had previously pledged a substantial sum, up to $10 billion, to OpenAI, with a specific focus on collaborative initiatives in AI supercomputing. The collaboration’s focus on AI supercomputing and cutting-edge models, particularly in achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI), holds the potential to revolutionise technology. AGI ,however, characterised by intelligence comparable to humans, remains in the realm of theory.